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Schmidt’s Farm and Greenhouse is a locally owned and operated family farm.  We are one of only a few urban farmers left in the Salt Lake Valley.  Our  Greenhouse knowledge lends itself to farming by growing our own tomato  plants, pumpkin plants, pepper plants and squash plants.  In the greenhouse  we also grow beautiful bedding plants, hanging baskets and planter pots.  On  the farm we grow 45+ acres of the best sweet corn in valley, 6 acres of  tomatoes, and 30+ acres of pumpkins. We also grow squash, peppers and  melons.  What we don’t grow i.e. peaches, we bring in from LOCAL farmers  from Brigham City to Alpine Utah.  We work hard to provide you with only  the best local produce and greenhouse plants.

Welcome to Schmidt’s Farm and Greenhouses

Our History:

The Schmidt family has lived in West Jordan Utah since 1911.  Grandpa  Schmidt decided to move his family in order to raise them on a farm.  His Grandson Richard, farmed sweet corn as a hobby and would employ his  children to sell the corn on the lawn of the home he grew up in on Redwood  Road.  Soon, the popularity of the corn grew and he decided to start farming full time.  

Our New Greenhouse:

Inside our new greenhouses are state-of-the art contracting shade cloths and mechanical roof panes that open and close to vent the greenhouse.  We also now have bathrooms! And a paved parking lot!  We are also wheel chair accessible.  Not to mention 12,000 square feet of floor space, chock full of beautiful flowers, pots, hanging baskets, perennials, succulents, vegetable plants, potting soil and garden decor.  It is beautiful!

Our Old Greenhouse:

There are things that we will miss about our old greenhouses; they were a hidden gem, like a secret garden that was so fun to discover.  So many people would find us and say, “I never knew you here!”  Stepping inside the greenhouse was like stepping into a tropical oasis on another world.  The good news is that it is still the secret garden and tropical oasis that you have enjoyed in the past!

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