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Annual or Perennial?

One of the things most people get confused about is the difference between an annual and a perennial.   What’s the difference?  Well, lots of plants will only thrive if the temperature is right.  And many plants will die when temperatures drop below freezing (32 F).  These plants are called Annuals because they need to be replanted annually.  A perennial is a plant that will come back every year without needing to be re-planted.  While planting annuals like petunias, geraniums, marigolds, and lobelia every year can be more costly, there are benefits to having annuals in your yard.  Annuals are more likely to flower all summer long, while many perennials will only flower for one season either spring, summer or fall.  I recommend having some of both annual and perennial flowers.  Perennials can be the framework of your flower bed adding height and body to the flower bed.  Perennials, unfortunately, are not completely maintenance free.  They need to be pruned down to the ground every fall.  If you wait until spring to prune perennials you will have to clip the dead branches among the new growth — it’s doable, just a little more work.  A lot of people are choosing to plant perennials in their flower beds and annuals in pots that they can place around the porch or front steps of their house.  Having a planter pot full of annuals in full bloom creates a beautiful focal point.  Planters are easy to put together but do require water every day.  Because the flowers are “contained” they are not able to go as far to search of food and water and will depend on you to meet their needs.  We can help with all of your flower queries.  We have a great selection of Utah hardy perennials.  We grow our own bedding plants in flats for the best price around.  And we grow out premium annuals from patented cuttings for containers for enormous beautiful plants.  Call or come by!



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  • Great explanation of annual vs perennial Laura! You are very good with explanations. Thorough and precise.

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