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Gathering Pumpkins from our Pumpkin patch has become a family tradition for many Utah families!


Fresh Produce!

There is nothing like fresh produce from Schmidt’s farm and other Utah farmers.  Check our blog to find out what we have in stock or send us an email to ask us if we have what you are looking for. Also check  our blog for canning and freezing tips for preserving farm fresh produce to  be used all year round.  You can also sign up now for our newsletter and  be notified when fresh fruits and vegetables are being harvested and ready  for you at our produce stand!

- Salt and Pepper Corn

- Beans

- Tomatoes

- Peaches

- Watermelons

- Peppers

- Squash

- Pumpkins

- Apples

- Pears

- Plums

- Berries

- Cucumbers

- Onions

- Potatoes

- Cantaloupe

You can also find us at Farmer’s Markets  around the valley!  Look for us when you go to the Murray Farmer’s Market  in Murray Park, the South Jordan Farmer’s Market by the S.J. city hall, the Gardner Village  Farmer’s Market.     

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